Courtney Allison Moulton | Author

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send you something?
Absolutely! Check out my contact page to learn where you can contact me and how.

Can you come to my city/school/library?
You can view my upcoming appearances on the events page. My publisher decides where and when to send me, and the events I travel to on my own are limited. If you are located in Michigan (where I live!) and would like me to visit your school or library, please contact me to find out if and when I'm available.

Will you make ANGELFIRE into a movie or TV show?
If I had tens of millions of dollars, sure! Since I don't, somebody in Hollywood has to. So far, I haven't seen any material like treatments or scripts that do enough justice to my story and characters for me to sell option rights. Until I see something spectacular, I am holding on to the rights.

Will you continue writing more ANGELFIRE books?
I get asked this every day and every day it breaks my heart to say no. While I've moved on to working on new stories, I intend to add ANGELFIRE short stories to my website as free content. I've promised to add these many times and one day I will. My schedule and farm chores keep me busy! But I love you guys and I miss the characters too.

What books are you working on now?
If a project isn't listed on the BOOKS page, then that means I can't talk about it yet for different reasons. Once I'm allowed to announce new books, I promise I will!

What is your writing process like?
All of my stories start out with the same seed: a topic and a question. For example, when I wrote ANGELFIRE, I had wanted to write about angels, demons, and a war for the souls of mankind, and I asked myself, what if an archangel was made mortal and given a human soul? From there, the seed grows into a story. Research is my favorite part of writing and I tend to get very obsessive about it. Everything I read/watch is related to whatever I'm researching. I can't do anything else or read a book for fun. Until the draft is done, the research is my keeper.

I run (insert blog/organization/ect.) and would like to know if you can donate anything.
Authors only get so many copies of our own books and if we want more, we have to buy them like everyone else. Any books, bookmarks, posters, ect I can donate are subject to availability. You can contact me to find out!

Can you send me a review copy of your book?
My publisher handles all review copies to be sent to reviewers. Requests sent to me will not receive a response. Please do not request review copies of books that are already published. If you want to read it, please support my publisher and me by buying it!